CoW CEO recruitment in more turmoil

Tujoromajo Kasuto

The political office bearers of the City of Windhoek are drifting far apart from each other concerning the recruitment process of the Chief Executive Officer.

Today saw a media conference by the chairperson of the management committee, Ndeshihafela Larandja of the Independent Patriots for Change holding her own media conference in defiance and ahead of a scheduled media briefing by Mayor, Sade Gawanas, tomorrow.

During her briefing Larandja said that more irregularities have been unearthed in the recruitment of the City of Windhoek’s Chief

Executive Officer (CEO), including the number of candidates who applied not being accounted for accurately, the published advertisement not complying with regulations, and the former acting

CEO, George Mayumbelo, being shortlisted.

According Larandja, the management committee is empowered to restart the recruitment process if it has reason to believe that the interview panel has not been transparent or that there have been irregularities in the recruitment and selection process or that the recommendations made by the interview panel are not in the best interest of Council.

At its media briefing yesterday, LPM said that they did not find any wrong doing in the recruitment process and accepted the candidate that came out tops, despite not agreeing with the candidate’s politics.

Larandja said during the management committee meeting held on 02 November 2021, the committee requested the Acting Strategic Executive: Human Capital and Corporate Services to restart the recruitment process as it found irregularities in the recruitment process.

Furthermore, Larandja said that ‘’the advertisement that was published was not complied with in

line with Regulations 16(4) reading as follows: 16(4) The shortlisting committee must at a meeting shortlist the candidates using the requirements specified in the advertisement.’’

Additionally, the candidates that applied are not tallying since Human Capital and Corporate Services indicates 61 applicants, while 25 met the requirements of which only five are shortlisted, whereas the submission under discussion indicates 68 candidates.

The MC Chair noted that there are many grey areas and mismatches, which the Management Committee members are not comfortable with hence the referral of the matter is supported.

She said that in strict adherence to the relevant and applicable laws, there is no recommendation made to the Council for consideration for the reasons as explained above in the resolution of the MC.

‘’It is imperative to reiterate a few things. The position of Chief Executive Officer is cardinal to Council. The importance of the position is highlighted by the manner in which the appointment

is made. The legal framework has created safeguards to ensure that there are relevant checks and balances. This ensures that neither Management Committee, Council or the Minister enjoys

too much power,’’ she said.

The city had recommended current Otjiwarongo CEO, Moses Matyayi, and Roads Authority CEO, Conrad Lutombi, as the top two candidates for the position of CEO, Windhoek Observer

Newspaper was reliably informed.

Matyayi and Lutombi were shortlisted for the position alongside Deputy Executive Director at the Ministry of Works and Transport, Joyce Mukubi, Chief Business Unit Executive at NamWater,

Eino Mvula, and Researcher Charmill Zamuee.

The candidates had publicly presented their motivations in September 2021.

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