Opposition parties battling own devils

Martin Endjala

New opposition parties find themselves putting out the flames of division in their midst. It’s not only Swapo as many thought, but divisions are hounding the new political formations.

With factions occurring in the parties, political analyst Ndumba Kamwenyah has expressed concerns over better alternatives to challenge Swapo in an interview with the Windhoek Observer.

Kamwenyah said that many opposition parties have showed a lack of quality and cementing themselves as better alternatives to the incumbent government.

He added that the lack of ideology and the power fights within opposition parties show that there is still no credible alternative to Swapo.

Kamwenyah expressed these concerns in the wake of unfolding events in the country, where the Popular Democratic Movement leader McHenry Venaani lashed out to his comrades for inciting division within his party are seeking to push their own agendas.

Venaani was speaking over the weekend at the central committee of the party, which was called to
resolve unrest and the issue of outgoing MPs. Venaani said that collective interests shall be safeguarded and that the party won’t fight for individual causes, adding that superior logic and thinking must be applied while urging members to apply a collective personality to ensure collective progressiveness. A fuming Venaani spared no one, as he also had a go at the youth who are constantly bickering, and putting their energy into dividing the party, instead of utilizing their energy into building the party.

The Landless People’s Movement, has also been advocating for togetherness and sensitizing its members to serve their voters and not to self-enrich themselves. Leader Bernadus Swartbooi last week recalled their Keetmanshoop town council deputy mayor. Swartbooi said that no person will be spared if they are not performing.

Kamwenyah said the youth must be scrutinized as they are also culprits of sowing division in their parties. The political analyst took a swipe at the Affirmative Repositioning factions, with the AR spokesperson Simon Amunime and Paulus Kathenga who were both relieved of their duties to focus on other things as well as divisions in coalition parties within the City of Windhoek as examples that young people at the forefront are also contributing to some of this many issues.

The political analyst has advised that these are all case studies that lessons can be learned from in reshaping the much needed alternative challenger to Swapo, as well as in regaining voters trust and believe again.

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