DBN fosters growth and empowers SMEs in Namibia

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Namibia has forged ahead in bolstering its Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the launch of the National Mentoring and Coaching Programme, a brainchild of the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN).

Acknowledging the indispensable role SMEs play in socio-economic development, Jerome Mutumba, the Chief Executive for Marketing and Corporate Communications, conveyed that the Namibian government has initiated a spectrum of programs dedicated to fortifying this pivotal sector of the economy.

“In alignment with our mission to stimulate sustainable economic growth, DBN is elated to unveil a pioneering initiative – the National Mentoring and Coaching Programme. Inaugurated this July, the programme is meticulously structured to endow SMEs with essential entrepreneurial skills, thereby enabling them to augment their competitiveness and leverage available resources for expansion,” he articulated, emphasizing the impact of this initiative in triggering comprehensive economic growth.

The inaugural phase of this programme has witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 130 SMEs from every nook and cranny of Namibia. Each participating entity is reaping the benefits of profound mentorship and structured guidance provided by 13 veteran service providers, spanning six enriching months.

Mutumba highlighted the programme’s hands-on approach to coaching and mentoring as a distinctive feature.

“This initiative is characterized by its relentless focus on pragmatic, hands-on coaching and mentoring.

The all-encompassing curriculum explores core business management skills including financial management, marketing strategies, procurement processes, efficient business organization, tendering procedures, and proficient business plan preparation,” he explained.

He further noted that the programme’s curriculum is concentrated on imbibing foundational business management skills, propelling SMEs not only to fulfil their assigned roles in the economy but also to be the catalysts of sweeping economic growth.

In conclusion, the National Mentoring and Coaching Programme by DBN stands as a beacon of empowerment for SMEs in Namibia, aiming to reinforce their capacities, enhance their competitiveness, and contribute significantly to the nation’s overall economic progress.

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