Oshana Police euthanize dogs that killed security guard

Niël Terblanché

Ruben Abraham, 44, a security guard in the employ of Rubicon Security died in the Oshakati Intermediary Hospital late on Sunday after he was attacked by five dogs while on his way home after knocking off work early in the morning.

The victim hailed from the village Oshikondiilongo in the Ohangwena region’s Endola constituency.

Abraham was rushed to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital where he battled for his life in the intensive care unit, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries a few hours later.

According to the spokesperson of the Namibian Police in the Oshana Region, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, Abraham sustained severe bite wounds to his head.

Aiyambo confirmed that the dogs belonged to a Chinese businesswoman and had allegedly escaped through holes in a fence before launching the brutal attack.

Subsequent to the fatal encounter, three of the dogs also attacked a 25-year-old man on Monday morning.

The events have sent shockwaves through the community and raised concerns over aggressive dogs, resonating with similar concerns in South Africa where SPCAs are grappling with an increase in surrendered pit bulls after a series of tragic dog attacks last year.

The South African NSPCA is growing increasingly concerned about the repercussions of such violent incidents, emphasizing the urgent need for governmental intervention to prevent humans and animals from suffering on a greater scale.

Police officers, in response to the fatal attack and after deliberating over the incident and consulting with stakeholders, decided to euthanise the dogs.

“Further steps will be taken after proper consultation with other stakeholders. No arrest has been made at this stage,” Aiyambo remarked.

This incident underscores the escalating crisis surrounding aggressive dogs and stresses the necessity for immediate action and preventive measures to ensure public safety.

The circumstances leading to the dogs’ escape and subsequent attacks are still under investigation, and the town of Oshakati is left to mourn the loss of a community member.

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