Digital inclusivity for poverty eradication

Martin Endjala

The popular mobile telecommunication giant, MTC continues its strive as a digital enabler of change in realizing its dream of rural inclusivity through its 081everyone initiative through partnering with likeminded corporates for the betterment of Namibia, as the company looks to embark on eradicating poverty.

MTC signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Food Programme today in Windhoek for a period of five years, under pillar two of the HPP2 which is to eradicate poverty.

MTC Managing Director Luckius Erastus said that the MoU solidifies their commitment in collaborating on matters of concern pertaining food security in the country.

Erastus emphasized that it is a vehicle initiative that will scale up long-term relationship in support of uplifting the livelihoods, adding that it will create sustainable growth for its stakeholders and digital growth.

The company has been engaged in several initiatives with likeminded corporates, in realizing this dream such as the just ended MTC race together relay among others.

Additionally, the digital economy distributor is an intentional move by MTC according to the MD, to understand how imperative it was to digitalize itself to align with the 4th industrial revolution.
It is for this reason, that it is contributing in providing about 570 rural towns with network accessibility as well as electrification to coincide with its rural digital inclusivity vision.

“We saw that providing network while there is no electricity would halt our efforts, hence we also electrified the rural towns with power lines,’’ Erastus pointed out.

WFP supports Namibia’s priorities towards rural transformation and sustainable food systems.

He further concluded saying that e-vouchers were also made accessible to enable rural vendors to sell credit virtually, saying that the MoU amplifies their collaboration in improving and supporting initiatives for digital solutions, towards supporting and driving rural inclusivity.

Meanwhile, the head PRM-WFP Ericah Shafudah said that the MoU is another initiative coinciding with its development models and strategies in alleviating poverty through collaboration with likeminded institutions with shared values.

Shafudah stressed that it is not a mistake that WFP decided to collaborate with MTC as she emphasized that the role of good corporates is vital as they inject funds in the development of uplifting people’s lives.

Due to the technology evolution within the digital space in the world, she opined that it is imperative that they partnered with a digital giant like MTC for food security and sustainability.

The MoU is a catalyst for global cutting edge technologies in attaining digital inclusivity.

She further revealed that one hundred out of a one thousand lives are going to be developed, while stressing that, “together we can”.

To-date according to the 2020 MTC press statement of 19 October, the Head Human Capital revealed that about N$85 million was invested in rural power lines with a further N$11 million to be spent.

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