Drought threatens communal farmers in Omusati

Martin Endjala

The Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala says he is worried about the persistent drought in the region due to low rainfall and crop plants dying as a result. He says the situation will require assistance from the Disaster Management in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Endjala said the last time the region received rainfall was on the 31st January 2023 and a few drops of rain earlier this week. He stressed that the crops will require above normal rainfall for them to grow.

“As we currently speak the crops are drying up, and they will require above normal rainfall. This is worrisome because our plants are dying, the grass which animals often feed on is also affected. What this essentially means is that if the cycle disturbed then so is our human lifestyle”, he said.

Endjala added that he has drafted a letter to the Office of the Prime Minister, asking for interventions to start the food relief packages in order to supply to the affected families in the region for survival in the meantime, while they wait on the rainfall.

He however highlighted that a number of green schemes in the region, particularly those belonging to the government are doing well.

Queried about the effectiveness of donations made to flood victims as in the case of Ohangwena region and Oshana region, Endjala stated that donations are only for one-day consumption and that they do not sustain families for longer periods.

“I however do not have anything against donations, as they too are essential. I would however prefer that a food scheme be rolled out to the region on a monthly basis to assist families who are affected. My office will continue to assist communities who are in need of immediate help, but with the current state of things in the region, I am worried that we might find ourselves in a food crisis if the Prime Minister’s Office does not step in to remedy the situation,” he said.

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