Cop arrested after trying to deliver drugs to inmates

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

A 28 year-old Police Officer deployed at the Ondangwa Police station was arrested on charges of dealing and possession of illicit items.

The police have since identified him as Constable Alex Josef. He was denied bail and his next court appearance is 20 June 2023.

Josef, according to Oshana Regional Commander Commissioner Naftal Sakaria was found in position of 195 Yes Cigarettes, valued at N$390 and 46 ballies of Cannabis with the Value of N$6350.

The officer, according to Sakaria already has a pending similar case. The suspect was on duty at the Charge Office department. A colleague of his found him at the cells, which is meters away from the charge office.

“The suspect looked suspicious and was believed to be in possession of illicit items , hence he escaped after he was called and asked what he was doing at that side while his pockets were full of things rolled in the plastic bags. His colleague managed to catch him and searched him,” Sakaria said.

It is further aleged that the suspect had intention to smuggling the contraband into the police holding cells.

In another incident, a 51 year-old man was arrested on charges of Assault and child abuse after he brutally assaulted his 15 year-old niece with fists and kicked her all over her body. Oshikoto police Spokesperson Inspector Ellen Nehale said the man also placed a chain around the victim’s neck and locked the padlock.

The incident happened at Onekaku village,Omulunga.

“The victim sustained swollen eyes and some bruises on her arms, hands. The issue was reported to the police after one of the community members saw the victim crying in the bush and the suspect got arrested immediately,”Nehale said.

The suspect will appear in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday

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