Exclusive Interview with Joviita Ndeenda-Elago Kandjumbwa a Sports Broadcaster

Name : Joviita Ndeenda-Elago Kandjumbwa
Date of Birth : 10 March 1995
Place of Birth : Etilyasa, Ongandjera, Omusati Region
Position : Sports Broadcaster

Who is Joviita Kandjumbwa, and how did you end up being involved in sports?
Joviita Kandjumbwa is a regular village girl from Etilyasa in the omusati region, I am a lawyer by profession a side of my life that never really makes it into the spotlight as I love the focus to be on my broadcasting side which I can honestly say its my true love.
In addition to being a lawyer I am a sports broadcaster, currently working at the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation.
My journey in sports started some 9 years ago, inspired by Carol Tshabalala a South African Broadcaster, it’s been a rollercoaster since then but I am glad I took the chance on sports and now it’s certainly paying off.
I opted to be a broadcaster as I saw a gap in the industry that needed to be filled, I took on the challenge and ran with it, 9 years ago there weren’t so many people doing sports but I am so glad to see the dynamics changing especially seeing more women in sports its good for Namibia and for the growth of Sports.

What inspired you to get involved in sports?
I cannot really pinpoint an exact inspiration; I remember I was in my first year doing media studies at the University of Namibia it was not my first choice but here I was and I needed to make it work.
During that year, the FIFA World Cup was on at the time I was not really into sports I watched here and there but not religiously, I saw many anchors including Carol Tshabalala and I thought to myself I can definitely see myself doing that.
I began a new obsession which grew into love and that’s how the Sports Bug caught me.

Were there any significant influences or role models that shaped your path?
Ou yes Mostly international broadcasters some whom I have had the pleasure of meeting
Carol Tshabalala being the most notable influence on my career an extra ordinary broadcaster a natural if I must say.
Robert Marawa a close second, a game changer an uplifter of women in sports and will forever be one of the best Broadcasters in the World.
Usher Komugisha who has turned into a sister and a friend, an exceptional broadcaster one who breaks boundaries and defies the odds making everything seem so attainable.
Lastly Lesley Tjiueza and Chester Uuamunika I would not be the broadcaster I am if it was not for them paving the way and constantly being true professionals and mentoring me to be the best I can be.
There are so so many people who have inspired me on my journey, I don’t believe I have done justice by leaving some names out, I am indebted to so many people and I thank each and everyone who has believed in me on this journey.

Could you share one of the proudest moments in your career?
There are so many but I will mention three,

  1. Hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup a dream come true
  2. Hosting the Biggest sports show in the country Soccer Pitch I pitch myself every day in disbelief that they trust little me to host the programme
  3. Hosting the Namibia Annual Sports awards will forever be the Highlight of my career

On the flip side, can you talk about a significant low point you faced and how you managed to overcome it?
I would say my biggest low point is at the beginning of my career trying to break in the industry and be taken seriously in a male dominated industry is an extreme sport.
I was extremely persistent you could not tell me no, and even when I got a no I didn’t give up, I kept on improving my craft and going again.
Giving up was never ever an option.

Are there any strategies or mindsets that have helped you bounce back?
I would say a positive mindset, Rome was not built in a day, I might not get it now but surely it will come one day.
Working smart also helps, having short term and long-term goals helps very much in order for you to see if you are still on the right track and how you can improve on that.
Seeking help is a must, speak to people who have gone before you, ask for opinions on what you can improve on and possibly do better.
Lastly prayer is a key element on a journey that requires absolute faith to see it through.

Has being involved in sports and specifically broadcasting, contributed to your growth?
Absolutely, it has truly built my character made me a confident woman, outspoken and an absolute lover of all sports, when I first started my focus was just on football but now, I have developed a love for numerus sports.
I have been to places I could only dream of, my involvement in sports has opened up so many doors for me and I am extremely grateful.

What advice would you give to others aspiring to excel in your field?
A good work ethic beats any passion, sports require long hours, commitment and a lot of sacrifice and unfortunately its not the best paying but absolutely fulfilling if you know your why for pursuing a career in sports.
Lastly backup your love or passion with an academic qualification.
How do you manage to find a balance between your career and personal life?
I fail miserably at finding a balance especially since I have to balance my legal and sports career my personal life is always on the suffering end. I am still working on the perfect balance, hopefully I will one day get it right.

What kind of support system, if any, has been instrumental in your success?
My family and my friends are a true blessing from God, very supportive and understanding and always rooting for me to win, I don’t take them for granted at all.

Can you say how your typical day is?
Well, my Saturdays are usually the busiest days, my day usually starts at 12pm, get to a field where football is being played, do makeup, a briefing of the production and matches usually start at 2/3pm, with Double headers my day will end at 7pm as we wrap up the production.

What legacy would you want to be remembered?
That I was an exceptional broadcaster a game changer.

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