Just Saying with Matts Haikali

As sports leaders entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing young talent, it is incumbent upon us to demonstrate the virtues essential in sports, particularly that of fair play.

Am just saying, it is disheartening to hear and learn that young athletes, who have proudly represented this country, to the best of their ability, are being denied their hard-earned rewards by officials who seem more focused on deducting questionable “dues” than supporting the development of these budding talents.

Am just saying, these current state of affairs, where minors are handed cash and coerced into signing receipts for funds that do not accurately reflect the amounts received, is nothing short of unprofessional.

Am just saying, one cannot help but question the ethics behind subjecting young athletes to such practices. Why are these minors being entrusted with financial transactions that should rightfully fall under the purview of their guardians?

Am of the opinion that it is high time that stringent policies be implemented to safeguard the interests of athletes selected to represent national teams. One essential criterion for selection should be the provision of banking details, ensuring that any rewards due to these athletes are deposited directly into their parents or guardians accounts.

Am just saying, transparency is key, and athletes must be informed in advance about the amount they are entitled to receive before embarking on competitions.

Am just saying, just as athletes sign codes of conduct and indemnity forms, they should also sign agreements outlining the specifics of their rewards and the accompanying conditions. This proactive approach not only protects the athletes but also establishes a clear framework for accountability within the sports community.

Am just saying, in an era marked by technological advancement, the archaic practice of withdrawing substantial sums of money from banks—often exceeding half a million—only to be distributed manually to athletes is not only outdated but also creates an environment ripe for exploitation and embezzlement.

Am just saying, the promotion of a cashless system, where funds are electronically transferred to athletes’ accounts, is not just a modern solution but a necessary step toward eradicating the potential for theft and corruption.

Ultimately, our duty as sports leaders goes beyond the field of play; it extends to fostering an environment of trust, fairness, and integrity. Let us work collectively to implement policies that reflect these values, ensuring that the rewards earned by our young athletes are delivered with the transparency and professionalism they rightfully deserve.

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