Farm worker kills boss with axe handle

Tujoromajo Kasuto

A 26-year-old Namibian man was arrested after killing his employer, Christof Mberitjiua Mungunda,66, by allegedly striking him several times on the head with a wooden axe handle until he collapsedunconscious to the ground.
The incident took place on Friday, September 16 around 22h00 at Mberitjiua Post, Otjombinde Constituency in the Omaheke region.

According to Nampol’s weekend series crime report, ‘’the suspect then went to the deceased yard, took the car and loaded alcohol and food. It is further alleged that the suspect was informed by his girlfriend that the deceased was still moving and breathing heavily, that is when the suspect went back, and unlawfully and intentionally took a bolder and drop it on the head of the victim which caused his death’’.

The Police further state that the suspect wanted to bump the co-workers with the car, but the workers managed to escape and went to inform people at the nearby villages while their employer was lying in a pool of blood.

The 23-year-old then allegedly drove off with the stolen vehicle to Gobabis, where he was apprehended.

The body of the deceased was transported to Gobabis State Hospital mortuary for an autopsy. Police investigation into the brutal murder continues.

Meanwhile, in Oranjemund, a 23-year-old man faces attempted murder and assault charges after being arrested for kicking a 22-year-old male complainant in the head and face with the safety boots that he was wearing.

According to Nampol, the complainant and his two colleagues approached the suspect around 13h00 on Friday, 16 September 2022 at 2nd Avenue Oranjemund and accused him of stealing a grinder from a workshop, and the complainant and his colleagues began assaulting the suspect by kicking him all over the body, causing injuries, and the suspect also began throwing stones, hitting the complainant on the head, resulting in injuries.

‘’After treatment at the clinic both the suspect and the complainant where picked by police and taken to the police station where the complainant decided to open a case and while submitting his statement, the complainant started complaining of feeling dizzy, cold and pain on the head and face and he was immediately taken by police to Namdeb Private Hospital to receive treatment and was transferred to Windhoek for further treatment,’’ the police report notes.

The suspect was arrested and is scheduled to appear in court today, as the police investigation continues.

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