Omaheke received budget of over $15 million

Staff Writer

The Omaheke Regional Council has received a budget allocation of N$15,939,400 for various capital development for the 2022/23 financial year.

Senior Public Relations Officer Tauno Iileka said the construction of the Aminuis Constituency settlement offices and Corridor 13 offices are part of the projects to benefit from the budget.

“The projects include the construction of Corridor 13 and Aminuis settlement offices at N$5 million and N$3 million respectively. Corridor 13 settlement office is expected to be completed by the end

of this year, with possible savings to be re-allocated to other projects. The allocation for Aminuis settlement office will be used for retention payment, also with possible savings to be re-allocated to other projects as the office has already been completed,” he stated.

In addition, Iileka stated that all re-allocations must still be approved by the National Planning

Commission in accordance with the State Finance Act, No. 31 of 1991.

Furthermore, N$6,903,000 has been set aside for the construction of service infrastructure in all settlements, including water reticulation in Aminuis, Corridor 13, Eiseb 10, Tsjaka, and Drimiopsis.

“A new borehole will be drilled in Summerdown, while an existing one in Eiseb 10 will be installed

and another one in Tsjaka will be cleaned. The allocation for Tallismanus will be used to complete

the ongoing construction of a dumping site while the construction of a water tower and sewer system in Eiseb 10 will also be completed.

“In Omitara, the oxidation pond will be upgraded while the allocation for Buitepos will be used to

complete the ongoing construction of 72 toilets and install prepaid water meters. The Road Fund

Administration has allocated N$1,036,400 to the Regional Council which will be used to maintain roads in Epukiro Pos 3. This will address the extensive road erosions in the settlement,” added Iileka.

A further N$1,346,000 has been allocated for the provision of basic sanitation facilities for rural

communities in the region.

According to Iileka the Regional Council is also busy implementing capital projects for Witvlei Village

Council, due to limited capacity in the Village Council N$946,000 has been allocated for the completion of a sewer treatment plant and a sewer reticulation system.

In terms of rural development, the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development has allocated $269,230.77 for the implementation of various projects in the region through projects funded through Micro-finance, Food/Cash-for-Work, or Regional Specific Action Plan initiatives aimed at improving the livelihoods of rural communities through income generation and ensuring food security.

Moreover, the ministry has set aside N$55,432,396 for the Regional Council’s operational expenses for the financial year 2022/23, which include remuneration for Regional Councillors and staff members, subsistence and travel allowance, transportation, utilities, and the maintenance of service infrastructure in settlement areas.

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