Fatal Swapo rally car accident being investigated

Eba Kandovazu

AN accident in which a two- year-old boy was run over by a Swapo Party vehicle while campaigning for the party at Katima Mulilo, is being investigated and a case number has been registered with the police.

A culpable homicide case has been registered and a warning statement has been taken from the 29-year-old driver, as well as his drivers license. Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Member of Parliament (MP), Utaara Mootu, recently questioned the Minister of Safety and Security, Albert Kawana, whether or not Swapo paid the family for the disappearance of the case at Katima Mulilo police station.

“The minister clarified this issue and he confirmed the case number. We just wanted to make sure that the person responsible for the loss of life of this boy is held accountable. What we do not want to do is stir up negative press or politicise the matter as it is a sensitive subject. A family lost their child. The minister did explain that the child’s family was met with and that the Prosecutor General will handle the matter,”Mootu told the Windhoek Observer.

The boy, identified as Sibalatani Kwenani, was run over this August. Zambezi Police Commander, Commissioner Marius Katamila, says the boy was playing with other children, following the car, chasing it and climbing on the trailer. The driver, according to Katamila did not notice that the child fell down and whilst he was pulling away ran over the child.

Mootu had also asked Kawana whether the deceased family was threatened by Swapo to not report the matter. “It is not correct to say that there is no evidence of a case at Katima Mulilo police station. I have already provided information that the CR number is 92/08/2021. As far as I can gather, the affected family are Swapo members. I have no evidence of the family having been threatened by Swapo,”Kawana told Mootu.

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