Emergency power generator saviour for Rundu water woes

Eba Kandovazu

WEEKS after Rundu residents have been without running water, an emergency power generator has finally been dispatched to Rundu from Walvis Bay and water has been restored Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Calle Schlettwein, says.

Schlettwein adds that a team was on site to repair the damaged transformer, which he says coincidentally broke after NamWater by-passed the water meter and restored unhindered water supply after a water shortage was reported at the town. The NamPower transformer supplies power to Rundu and NamWater pumps feed the town with water. “This has resulted in the unintended continued stoppage of water supply. I was informed that the required spare parts are available and are flown to Rundu. As a fall back measure NamWater has identified a standby power generator to ensure water supply in the event that NamPower efforts are delayed,”Schlettwein adds.

He says the Rundu Town Council has had a significant outstanding water bill prior to the Covid related arrangement and had an effort to secure continued water supply while having arrears agreed with NamWater to install pre-paid water metering system for the whole town.

“It works very similar to pre-paid water metres in households in that the Council is obliged to purchase water in advance. Once the purchased quantity of water has been utilized, any further supply of water is continued only once a payment is made. The Rundu Town Council did not make such payment with the result that the water supply stopped, “Schlettwein explains.

Rundu resident, Frans Kandjilu, confirms that water supply was restored last night around 20h00.

“We are happy but we do not want officials to relax. This situation should serve as a wake up call and a permanent solution should be enforced with regard to water and electricity, especially the former. This is shameful considering we live meters away from a river. A lasting solution should be implemented. The public is willing to help but unfortunately they are not engaging the public,”Kandjilu maintains.

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