Fish worth N$85.7 million sold to DRC

Eba Kandovazu

THE Fisheries and Marine Resources Ministry has reserved a total 27 300 metric tons of horse mackerel in an auction, worth N$ 85.7 million for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as the residual quota for governmental objective.

It has been reported that DRC’s National Economy Minister, Jean-Marie Yuma, last Sunday arrived in Namibia to complete the deal. The payment will conclude this week.

Fisheries Minister, Derek Klazen, says the approved total allowable catch for horse mackerel is 330 000 metric tons, and out of these, 205 940, 26 metric tons is for commercial harvesting while 87 000 metric tons is for governmental objective, and were up for auction.

“The Horse Mackerel auction, just like all bids, was open to international bidders. A total 87 500 metric tons were available for sale by auction at a minimum price offer of N$ 750 metric tons for wet while freezers were being sold at N$ 3000 per metric tons. This auction sold a total of 55 200 metric tons to Namibian companies during its initial opening with a further 5000 metric tons purchase by another local company,”Klazen states.

Klazen further explains that the 27 300 metric tons remaining of residual quota attracted the interest of the DRC. Talks to partner with a local technical company to catch and land the fish in DRC are underway, the Minister informs. Meanwhile, new Hake fishing rights holders today attended an induction at Walvis Bay with Klazen.


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