Swanu infighting headed to Court

Tujoromajo Kasuto

SOUTH West Africa National Union (Swanu) President, Tangeni Iijambo, has revealed that the party has requested their lawyers to fill a review application in the High Court against the “self-appointed” rival faction that is attempting to overtake the party’s leadership in what he terms an “illegal” Extra-Ordinary Congress in August.

Iijambo says the party instructed their lawyers to place an urgent application for the court to establish who is right and who is wrong.

He further explains that the party is hosting it’s Central Committee (CC) meeting this weekend to expedite the party’s functionality.

The rival’s faction’s Secretary General, Sam Tjikuzu, says they are trying to “amicably” solve the situation, as Iijambo and his leadership have not handed over the office. He adds that they are still in the process of writing to the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) but that he cannot reveal anything much at the moment.

“There is no way one can amicably settle in a court of law,” says Iijambo adding that possibility is long gone as it will now be deliberated in a court of law. In addition, he maintains the party’s Politburo (PB) had given the members of faction who were the adversaries at an unauthorized meeting that they organized in March.

According to Iijambo a committee was established at the March meeting to resuscitate branches through the country and to form branches where there is none.

The Extra-Ordinary Congress, chaired by Swanu’s former President, Rihupisa Kandando, elected a new leadership on the 21st of August.

The appointees are Charles Katjivirue, as President, and intended to replace Iijambo, even as Swanu’s National Assembly member. Alpha Kangueehi to spearhead Political Affairs and Benjamin Limbo on Administrative Affairs with Tjikuzu replacing Evilastus Kaaronda as SG.

This transpired a day after the party leadership debunked the Extra Ordinary Congress as not a Swanu event as purported and did not come from the party’s leadership. The controversy follows after Kandando had stated that the party was in limbo since a motion of no confidence was passed end of May in the PB and the CC at a meeting of some of the branches in Epukiro, in the Omaheke Region.

Kandando claimed that half of the current members of the PB are appointees of Iijambo, without the approval, gratification and confirmation of the CC. This is while Iijambo does not have the final authority to appoint as he only has the right to nominate people and appointments.

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