FlyNamibia plans to become major player

Observer Money (OM): Describe the year 2023 in terms of the business environment?

Andre Compion, Managing Director, FlyNamibia (AC): We saw an amazing recovery in passenger numbers due to the boom experienced in tourism. The year did however present major challenges due to astronomical increases in the price of jet fuel and the weakness of the Namibia dollar against the US dollar, due to our industry’s exposure to USD-linked costs.

OM: What was the biggest challenge that FlyNamibia faced in 2023?

AC: Achieving revenue that would sustain operations versus maintaining the lowest possible fares.

OM: What is the company looking to achieve in 2024?

AC: We are set for major expansions with the introduction of new routes to Victoria Falls, Maun and Luanda. Our aim is to become a major player in the Southern Africa regional market whilst growing our domestic network in such a way that we can serve the needs of the local business and tourism markets.

OM: What do you see as the biggest possible challenge in 2024?

AC: Global geopolitical instability that can have negative impacts on passenger numbers, the exchange rate and fuel prices.

OM: What is your final message for your stakeholders?

AC: FlyNamibia has the greatest appreciation for the support that we receive from all our stakeholders and look forward to further fulfil the demands and aspirations of the traveling public in and around Namibia.

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