Gondwana to announce new developments

Observer Money (OM): Describe the year 2023 in terms of the business environment?

Gys Joubert, Managing Director Gondwana Collection (GJ): I would describe it as better. We are getting closer to pre Covid-19 conditions. We are grateful for 2023, which turned out to be a record year for us. We continued to innovate and evolve in this fast-changing environment.

OM: What was the biggest challenge that Gondwana faced in 2023?

GJ: High interest rates and continued seasonality in tourism were challenging. Also increased regulation and compliance in the business environment is concerning.

OM: What is the company looking to achieve in 2024?

GJ: We have given ourselves very high targets and we hope to announce a few new developments throughout 2024. Also not only on the business side, but also on the conservation side of Gondwana.

OM: What do you see as the biggest possible challenge in 2024?

GJ: We need more airlift to Namibia. More airlines to fly directly to Windhoek, especially from Europe. The positive business environment is good for us all, but leisure tourism is struggling with finding seats at times.

OM: What is your final message for your stakeholders?

GJ: Thank you for your continued support throughout 2023 and we will continue to do our bit to help build that nation into 2024, to show the world that we can be world class and even world leading as Namibians

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