Futsal Namibia announce Squad for 2024 CAF Futsal Qualifiers

Windhoek, Namibia – As Futsal Namibia intensifies its preparations for the upcoming 2024 CAF Futsal Qualifiers. Following the revelation of the qualifiers in Cairo, Egypt, Futsal Namibia has set the stage for a historic campaign, with the Final Squad announcement.

Futsal Namibia Head Coach, Mr. Donawald Modise, announced the 16 players currently in camp for the inaugural competition. Coach Modise’s leadership promises a strategic and holistic approach aimed at refining the team’s strengths and forging a united front geared for success on the global stage.

The squad announced to represent Namibia comprises a cadre of exceptionally talented individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills, strength, and dedication to the team. The players are as follows:

Alpha Sankoh, Cee Jay van Wyk, Daniel Megameno Mulunga, Donald Nevell Modise, Eduardo Chiquete Salomao Soluunga, George Homateni,Haikali, Johannes Naiteta, ken Salote, Luis Francisco Salomao Solunga, Maximillian Werner Diaraby Boll, Nganguei Ujanua Kamatuka, Remario Mathys, Riya Riyenena Usurua, Vilo Keathan Lawrence, Wesley Melvin Otto.

Each player in the squad contributes a distinct set of skills, promising an exciting and competitive edge to Namibia’s representation in the qualifiers.

Expressing utmost confidence in the squad’s potential, Coach Modise looks forward to a spirited and determined campaign,in the 2024 CAF Futsal qualifiers. The journey to the qualifiers holds immense promise for Futsal Namibia as they aim to make a mark on the international stage, showcasing the country’s futsal passion for the game.

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