Just Saying with Matts Haikali

In recent times, the sporting landscape in our nation has been marred by a disheartening phenomenon known as “PHD” or Pull Her Down.

All am saying is this unsettling trend points to a persistent lack of support for those diligently working to ensure transparency and accountability within our sports federations and clubs.

Am just saying a stark contrast emerges when comparing the governance of men’s and women’s sports. Men’s sports are predominantly managed by men, yet when women take the helm in women’s sports, it often undermined by the men in these sports space.

Am saying this raises questions about why gender becomes a contentious issue in sports administration. It is crucial to address this bias and work towards fostering an inclusive environment that values competence over gender.

Any reports of malpractices within the realm of any sports are disturbing.

Am just saying the exploitation of young female talent by coaches and club owners is a stain on the integrity of our sporting institutions.

Am saying to counteract this, stringent criteria should be established within regulations and founding statements, explicitly stating that leadership positions in women’s sports organizations must be held by individuals who are female from birth.

NAWISA continue to play a pivotal role in championing the cause of women in sports. However, for meaningful change to occur, this advocacy must be integrated into the governance and ownership structures of sports organizations.

Am just saying elevating women to leadership positions ensures a nurturing environment where young girls can flourish without fear of exploitation.

Am just saying the responsibility doesn’t solely rest on the shoulders of advocacy groups. National sports bodies must clarify their roles and regularly conduct inductions and interactions to expose and rectify abuses of power and conflicts of interest.

Am just saying without visible and in your face legal framework safeguarding athletes, achieving the desired level of professionalism will remain elusive.

Am saying, it is imperative to document and regularly campaign against such abuses, providing a clear path for athletes and stakeholders to report misconduct without fear of victimization.

Am just saying, our sporting nation stands at a crossroads. Embracing transparency, accountability, and gender inclusivity is not just a moral imperative but a necessity for the sustained growth and success of our athletes.

Am just saying, let us commit to eradicating the PHD mentality and working collaboratively towards a sporting environment where talent is nurtured, protected, and celebrated, regardless of gender.

Am just saying

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