Geingob admits ‘things are not going well’

Martin Endjala

President Hage Geingob has expressed sympathy with the people who are going through economic hardships, but reminded the nation to stand tall and be united.

“Yes, I admit that things are not going well, but we must stay united and pull together,” were his words when he addressed the leadership of the Bank of Namibia, during his visit to acquaint himself with the operations and functions of the central bank today.

Geingob said services should be distributed equally to all Namibians and should not only benefit one ethnic group or selected individuals.

“Let us stay united, resilient and committed and put aside our own agendas for the benefit of future generations,’’ emphasised the president.

He highlighted his action plan (Harambe Prosperity) which is used to ensure that all Namibians are included in the development of the country.

In the same vein, he urged Namibians educated in other countries not to forget where they come from, stressing that ‘’Namibia is the only country we can all call home’’, adding that they should come back and develop the country with the knowledge acquired.

Despite the difficulties the country and its people are going through, Geingob had time to crack a joke saying that after seeing the money that Bank of Namibia physically has ‘’No one should tell him there is no money – there is money in this country’’.

‘’Yes, I know that banks are accustomed to telling us about how bad the economy is and so forth, but as politicians, we must give you hope,” he told the central bank’s leadership.

The President disappointingly observed that tribalism is surprisingly finding acceptance among young people, saying that protest from citizens should not be tribally motivated, but be based on unsatisfactory service delivery.

He admitted that the journey has not been easy since he took over as president. “When I took over this office, I found some many problems but looking where we were and how we are today, there is a big difference,” the president stated confidently.

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