Seibeb proposes interventions
to counter corruption

Martin Endjala

Member of Parliament and deputy leader of the Landless People’s Movement, Henny Seibeb has proposed that an anti-corruption network be created to fight graft to assist the Anti-Corruption Commission in bringing to book those engage in corrupt practices.

Such an anti-corruption network, should comprise patriotic citizens, lawyers, private investigators, media, civil society and international experts and donors, Seibeb proposed.

He added that such an anti-corruption network by the citizens should clean-up the society of neo-colonial parasitic business people and powerful foreign controlled conglomerates.

Seibeb was speaking yesterday in the parliament on a motion tabled to launch an investigation into projects initiated by the Namibian government.

He also proposed that a list of corrupt individuals be produced and and lobby the international community not to allow them entry into their countries.

He said targeted sanctions should be imposed on such persons that should be placed on an international watch list.

ACC Director General Paulus Noah when asked by the Windhoek Observer about the Seibeb proposal said he is not in a position to comment. “In the first place I have not followed that motion and secondly, having not followed the motion, it means that I have no clarity on the objectives of that motion,’’ Noah said.

“Give me a chance to familiarise myself with the motion, including the proposed Anti-Corruption Network,” responded the DG.

Seibeb further urged the government to establish and enforce clear codes of conduct for government officials on corporate boards, including SOEs that should be reviewed periodically.

He also wants officials serving on parastatal boards to be subjected to stringent rules of disclosure, avoid potential conflict of interests and enforce ethical behaviour to prevent corruption. He further emphasised the need to defeat crony capitalism and rent-seeking.

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