Geingob expected to break another party tradition

Martin Endjala

President Hage Geingob has hinted at breaking the Swapo tradition and resigning as party president before the 2024 Presidential election and handover the party’s instruments of power to the Swapo Vice President.

In his statement at the official launch of the internal party elections for the top three position today in Windhoek, that he will vacate the party’s presidency at ‘’an appropriate time’’, with the emerging candidate that will stand for the 2024 elections to take over the position.

Geingob pointed out that this is how Swapo does its affairs, in reference to his uncontested party president position.

He however did not provide the exact time he will make way for the vice president.

Swapo race for the top four positions have attracted national debate among party faithful and opposition parties as well. The nominated candidates for the upcoming 7th Swapo Party congress have been cautioned to adhere to all the campaigning procedures and not to use tactics that are contrary to the traditions of the party.

Geingob has urged the nominated candidates to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and to campaign in a fair manner without intimidating one another or decampaigning each other through name calling.

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