Kapofi makes way for female vice president

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Analysts have argued that the shocking withdrawal of Swapo Party Vice Presidential candidate, Frans Kapofi could be the result of the party’s failure to follow its constitution and trying to self-correct.

Political analyst, Ndumba Kamwanyah, believes that one of the reasons for his withdrawal could be the controversy surrounding the Helmuth Amendments and how some nominations could have violated the party’s constitutional provisions, notwithstanding the transitional provision.

‘’He probably does not want to be seen as a nominee or a nominated product through a flawed process, but of course this is just speculation and we have to wait and see what he will announce as his main reasons. We are hearing that he told the president that it is family related issues,’’ Kamanyah speculates.

He also stated that the rumour that he is the dividing cannot line can be supported because delegates come from different regions and ages, and thus he suspects that Kapofi’s supporters are among the delegates who be supporting Ndaitwah for reasons other than being from the same constituency.

Whether this means better chances for Kuugongelwa, he says, remains in doubt because everything has been speculation with no actual confirmed facts about the president’s preferred candidates being Kapofi and the Prime Minister.

Hoze Riruako, also a political analyst says the withdrawal of Kapofi makes it a tighter race for the remaining three candidates.

He says Kapofi’s withdrawal from the race, could be part of the strategy to strengthen the competition as the more candidates there are.

‘’If he was a standalone candidate he would have had a good chance at winning and it could be that he was simply advised to withdraw by whoever is supporting their camp. Secondly as much he knew this issue involving SME bank was going to come out at some point and he might have given it a second thought and decided maybe it’s in his best interest not to publicly embarrass himself as he is a very level headed type of person,’’ he adds.

Riruako says he has no faith in Kuugongelwa-Amadhila winning the race on her own, ‘’I don’t think Kuugongelwa can win the race against Netumbo on her own; however, if they split her votes by adding Shifeta to the equation and allocating them to Kuugongelwa later, that will be the only way she can win,’’ he explains.

In the meantime, Shifeta is the sole male candidate vying for the position, and with dialogue of a female president for the party, he stated that the favour lies with a female candidate, while emphasizing that one can never be completely certain in politics.

President Geingob today at the launch of the party’s internal election campaign announced that one of the candidates for the Vice-President position, Frans Kapofi had withdrawn.

‘’We respect and accept his decision, assured that he will dedicate his time to supporting whoever

emerges victorious,’’ he said.

‘’As I have said before, let us play the ball and not the individual. You are not campaigning against

enemies and adversaries. You are campaigning to articulate to the masses why you are the most suitable candidates to lead the Swapo Party. It should be that simple. There is no reason for personal attacks because at the end of the day, we are all expected, as disciplined and revolutionary cadres, to rally behind the winners and help them lead the Swapo Party to victory in the 2024 National Elections and beyond.’’

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