Governor banned from attending council meetings

Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo of the Kavango East region has been banned from attending regional council meetings following allegations of authoritarianism.
In a letter to President Hage Geingob, the regional council outlined their decision to prohibit Governor Wakudumo from participating in council meetings until the grievances between them are resolved.
The move comes in response to mounting dissatisfaction among council members and the community.
One of the core grievances cited in the letter is Governor Wakudumo’s alleged failure to inform council members about his regional visitation programs, causing division among the community.
An anonymous source contacted the Windhoek Observer to shed light on the matter.
“The agony of our grievance is based on the fact that the Governor has resorted to blame game tactics. At his community meetings held in the Mukwe constituency, he championed the influence of community members, alleging that the elected Regional Councillor is failing to deliver much-needed services to the Mukwe constituency,” the source said.
The letter sent to President Geingob also seeks intervention to facilitate a dialogue between the Governor and the council to resolve the matter.
The council alleges that Governor Wakudumo has consistently bulldozed council members and defied council resolutions during meetings.
He is also accused of entering into official agreements with his Angolan counterpart without the council’s knowledge. The agreement caused severe tension among council members.
When approached for comment, Governor Wakudumo stated that he was unaware of the allegations and the existence of the letter in question.
The situation remains fluid, with the community and council members eagerly awaiting a resolution to the impasse.
The hope is that a mediated dialogue will soon pave the way for a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

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