Green hydrogen plant gets the go ahead

Niël Terblanché

The manufacturing of green hydrogen at Namibia’s main port is one step closer to becoming a reality, with a recent ordinary meeting at the Walvis Bay Town Council Council recommending that 24 hectares of Portion 8 on Farm 58 be leased to the applicant, Cleanergy Namibia (Pty) Ltd for a period of 25 years.

The lease, according to the minutes of the meeting, would also be extended for a further period as agreed upon between the Walvis Bay Municipality and Cleanergy Namibia for the purpose of construction and operation of a Hydrogen Pilot Plant.

It was also recommended that Cleanergy Namibia provides all services at the cost of the company and that it must adhere to all guidelines and standard requirements for water connection, sewerage, electricity, and water reticulation.

According to the minutes, the council resolved that the remaining portion of Portion 8 of Farm 58, Walvis Bay, be reserved for Cleanergy Namibia (Pty) Ltd for future expansion.

It was further ordered that the applicant submits an Environmental Clearance Certificate for the pilot project, and a feasibility study to show that the project is viable and financial statements that must prove that the company will be able to start with the project within 12 months.

The application by Cleanergy Namibia states that the company is willing to continue with the lease of the 24 hectares of Portion 8 of Farm 58 for 25 years, with an option to buy the property after all the planning and other related matters have been attended to.

According to the minutes, it is the intention of Cleanergy Namibia to start with the development while adherence to some of the requirements is still ongoing.

The minutes have it that the proposal by the applicant is of such a magnitude that it should be supported by the council in order to promote local economic development.

Council felt that the project will create much-needed job opportunities in Walvis Bay.

The company plans to start with earthworks and some construction work on-site following in May after the approval of the environmental clearance certificate.

Cleanergy Namibia has already indicated that the company will provide bulk services and road infrastructure to Farm 58.

However, other developers that will follow must refund Clean Energy proportionally for the investment.

Council said the project will further emphasise the Government initiative on green energy and hydrogen projects in Namibia. “This will ultimately create employment and skills transfer to Namibians in our region and Walvis Bay in particular,” the minutes stated.

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