Heroic action thwarts armed robbery in Swakopmund

Niël Terblanché

In a remarkable display of rapid response and valour, the Namibian Police in Swakopmund successfully foiled a dangerous robbery in progress, apprehending three armed assailants and ensuring the safety of hostages inside a popular clothing shop.

Yesterday, at approximately 09:10, three men armed with a gas pistol and pangas entered the well-known Style clothing shop located in the central business area of the coastal town and immediately locked the entrance doors behind them.

The trio proceeded to take six staff members hostage, demanding access to the cash securely held within the store’s safe.

Inspector Ileni Shapumba, the head of the Community Affairs Division of the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, detailed the harrowing incident and the subsequent commendable police intervention.

Thanks to one employee’s composed and swift thinking, the police were alerted to the ongoing crisis.

“One of the employees kept a cool head and contacted the police. Our members responded promptly and with overwhelming firepower and arrested the perpetrators inside before they could injure any of the shop’s staff members,” Shapumba said.

This quick, efficient response from the officers prevented the armed gang from absconding with any valuables or cash.

He praised both the responsive officers and the alert staff member, whose timely notification was crucial in averting potential tragedy.

“We applaud the prompt response of the officers. We commend the fast and smart action of the staff member who notified the local police promptly. While we do not wish crime upon anyone, we encourage communities to always take prompt action and to notify the police in case of crime,” he urged.

In light of this incident, Inspector Shapumba urged communities to maintain heightened alertness and vigilance, particularly because crime trends indicate that robberies in shops predominantly occur in the morning hours following a busy weekend or late in the afternoon when fewer members of the public are inside.

This courageous act of policing exemplifies the dedication and readiness of the Namibian Police to safeguard the community against escalating threats, reinforcing a shared responsibility between the public and law enforcement in maintaining peace and security in Swakopmund and the broader Erongo Region.

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