PM urges Namibians to uphold a spirit of resilience

Martin Endjala

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila urged Namibians to demonstrate an unwavering spirit of resilience, as the country embarks on the second phase of the struggle post-independence – the struggle for economic independence.

“As we pursue this new phase, we should display the same ‘never say die’ spirit that characterized our fight for political independence,” the premier said.

“This is a struggle we must engage in and win as it is our historic duty. We are the benefactors of the freedom and independence that were earned at the hefty price of many lives, both during the colonial resistance period and during the struggle for national liberation,” Kuugongelwa-Amadhila remarked at the belated Heroes Day Commemoration event in the Okaku constituency in the Oshana region on Sunday.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the battle of Omugulugwoombashe marked the inception of the Namibian people’s struggle against colonialism and oppression, eventually leading to the attainment of independence.

This battle, she said, inspired numerous Namibians to join the struggle for liberty due to the gallant efforts of PLAN fighters who confronted the colonial forces.The government, despite resource constraints, has initiated a program to assist the veterans of the liberation struggle, committing to the continual rollout of veterans’ grants.

“You will notice that more veterans are now receiving their grants. The government will persist until all veterans are catered for, as more resources become available,” she explained.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila also emphasized the importance of committing to safeguarding the country’s freedom, independence, and unity as Namibia celebrates Heroes Day.

Over 33 years of independence, the government has executed various programs to enhance access to essential services and sectors like education, health, water and sanitation, housing, electricity, transport, and communication infrastructure, all while promoting prudent resource management in agriculture, tourism, mining, energy, and fisheries to ensure increased benefits for Namibians and preservation for future generations.

The Prime Minister highlighted ongoing efforts to bolster local enterprise development, providing access to finance and markets, both locally and internationally. She also mentioned the establishment of youth enterprises in each constituency and the implementation of an internship program to assist the youth in gaining experience and entering the labour force. To alleviate poverty, the government sustains an estimated one million Namibians annually through an expenditure of N$7 billion on social safety nets.

“We encourage beneficiaries to register and ensure that they utilize these to enhance their lives. The government has also decided to implement a nationwide drought relief program,” said the Prime Minister, urging community support for the program to achieve its objectives.

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