“I am going…” Naobeb denies requesting for contract extension

Martin Endjala

The Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Tourism Board, Digu //Naobeb says he has no intention of extending his contract to a further six months, despite executive sources on the board confirming that //Naobeb has made the request to extend his contract.

The board however does not want to renew or extend his contract. The Windhoek Observer is reliably informed that //Naobeb has requested Board members to extend his contract to six months. His contract will reportedly end on 30 June 2023. The Board’s five year term also expires at the same time

“I have not changed my plans at all. I am not extending at all. Your source is misinformed and wants to cause chaos and confusion to possibly advance their own agenda or character assisinate me. Let natural course of events take precedence through open and transparent recruitment process to appoint the most competent and visionary CEO to take NTB to the next level as NTB operations are sound and robust post covid. In fact the industry is on upward trajectory to rebound on a rapid pace,”//Naobeb said in an interview.

Asked about his future plans, //Naobeb, who has been at the helm of NTB says he intends to take time off and complete his PhD.

“I also have no intention to recommend a person to be appointed. I am intrigued and thrilled by this development. Please note i am not childish to retract my decision. I am a man of principles and ethics and navigate my life journey on these virtues with impeccable record of honesty and trust. As namibians we must refrain from a culture of entitlmemt and clinging to power. If your time is up, please exit graciously with forward looking wisdom. Why be a furniture that burdens progress?, “//Naobeb remarked.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda said he could not comment on //Naobeb’s contract issue as the NTB is independent.

“The NTB is a statutory body which means it is an independent body that can make its own decisions without interference from the ministry, despite it being the governing body. There we cannot comment on that matter and such queries should be directed to the CEO or the Chairperson. Digu must answer for himself, “Muyunda said.

The NTB last year succeeded in attempting to recover N$ 23 million it paid to Kora Awards promoter, Ernest Adjovi, and his company Mundial Telecom Sarl.

A high court Judgement ordered for Adjovi to return the millions.

The awards, which were scheduled to take place on 20 March 2016 never happened. Adjovi, who was a no show during the trial, has also been ordered to pay the legal costs of NTB.

The Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta at the time said that the Kora saga was “orchestrated” by persons who knew what they were doing. According to him, the Kora organisers just wanted money and were not really hosting the event.

“It is vindictive to some of us. When I was warning, I had some suspicion. I asked if we had security. I even asked the Attorney General at the time, Sacky Shanghala, and suggested that an account be opened in Namibia, that we only release money when services have been delivered. The problem was that Adjovi apparently thought NTB would not pay after they had delivered the services and I said they could establish an account which they could co-sign. That suggestion was completely ignored by the AG, who was the agreement drafter.” Shifeta said.

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