“I am sick and tired of being called corrupt”- Imalwa

Hertta-Maria Amutenja and Stefanus Nashama

The Prosecutor General, Martha Imalwa is challenging those accusing her of being corrupt to provide evidence, saying that she is “sick and tired of being called corrupt”, with no evidence to back up the claims. Imalwa did not mince her words in questioning those “dirtifying” her name.

In an interview with the Windhoek Observer yesterday, Imalwa explained that there are laws and procedures in place to hold corrupt office bearers accountable.

“I always tell the Namibian people if they think the PG is corrupt, they should come out with their evidence and prove to the public that this woman is corrupt. Why are they not doing that? Why are they just making my name dirty? I am sick and tired of being called corrupt and people are failing to bring evidence. There are laws and procedures in place on how you can bring down the higher officials who are corrupt,” she added.

She was reacting to Werner Januarie, the President of the Namibia Transport and Taxi Union, who is advocating for her dismissal. Imalwa says she has nothing personal against him.

“I am not against him as a person. I am not doing this work in my personal capacity. I am doing it as a Prosecutor General who has taken an oath to prosecute crimes in the name of the state and I will carry out my mandate,” she said.

Januarie is alleging that Imalwa is trying hard to influence the outcome of his N$74 million lawsuit against the government and is failing to prosecute corrupt officials.

“The PG is trying very hard and is trying anything and everything possible to influence the outcome of this matter. She is doing so confidently and without any fear of repercussion or reprisal. She is failing to deal with and tolerating corruption, failing to prosecute or at least investigate the corrupt practice and deliberately ignoring reports,” said Januarie. Imalwa said it is her legal right to defend her office because it was cited in the lawsuit and that she is not going after Januarie directly.

“Because he has cited me, I have the right in terms of the law to defend my office and that is what happened. I am not fighting him personally. Did he want me to keep quiet?” she asked.

In the lawsuit he is also citing former Safety and Security Minister, Frans Kapofi, as the first respondent, former Police Chief Sebastian Ndeitunga, Imalwa, President Hage Geingob and Attorney General Festus Mbandeka.

Furthermore, Imalwa in an interview with this publication said that Januarie wasn’t being truthful and said he shouldn’t ruin her reputation in the media.

“Why is he bringing these dismissal things up now? Is it because of his criminal case that is in court next week?,” Imalwa questioned.

Prior to the civil case against the government, Januarie was arrested and charged with defeating the course of justice, obstructing a member of the police force while performing his official duties, malicious damage to state property, assault and contravening the provisions of the state of emergency.

He is suing the government in connection with the incident that occurred in August 2020. It is his testimony that he was harassed, assaulted and had an AK-47 rifle pointed at him by the law enforcement agents. According to court documents, Januarie is demanding damages of N$10 million for violation of human dignity, N$10 million for his fundamental human rights and freedoms being violated, and N$20 million for reputational damage and public humiliation.

He also seeks payment of N$20 million for emotional injury and psychological suffering, N$5 million for malicious prosecution and detention, N$5 million for cruel and degrading treatment and N$7 million for deprived income.

If the State fails to oppose the application, he will receive a payment of N$37 million as a settlement.

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