Visitors to the North warned to obey the law

Martin Endjala

The Oshana Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Naftal Sakaria has issued a stern warning to people travelling to the North for the Easter Holiday, saying that anyone found contravening the law will be locked up and charged only at the end of the weekend.

He said that the warning is in line with the operation planned by the Namibian Police during the holiday weekend. Sakaria added that operations will be carried out throughout, to ensure that the public adheres to the rules.

“If you are caught on the other side of the law, we will lock you and only charge you on Monday, so that you can rest well,” he said.

The Regional Commander issued the warning in an interview with Windhoek Observer.

He says although it will be a long, hectic weekend, the police has an operational strategy which was also deployed during the Independence celebration.

Sakaria stated that the police will be on the lookout for speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, amongst others. He added that all shebeens and entertainment areas will be under strict surveillance.

He also encouraged travellers to start their journeys early to avoid rushing at the last minute and to also adhere to all road regulations.

According to the Commissioner, the Namibian Police have also reinforced their force visibility by deploying administration officials to the field.

“On average, about five to ten people are arrested as a result of alcohol abuse every weekend, thus the warning to the public that such behaviour will not be tolerated. We will also not allow the public consumption of alcohol over the long weekend,” he said.

In this regard, he advised the public to make use of the toll-free number and call for assistance should they find themselves intoxicated and unable to drive.

“If you see that you are not capable to drive and you have no alternative, call the police and we will gladly come to your aid and drive you to your house because if we catch you while drunk, you will be arrested right on the spot,” he said.

The Commander of the community affairs division of the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, Inspector Ileni Shapumba said that people have already begun travelling to the coast.

He said that the Erongo police have also reactivated their crime prevention operations and have intensified traffic presence at all roadblocks to ensure that the law of the land is observed.

He also called on the public to avoid travelling at night and to normalise travelling early.

Shapumba advised the public to use the Easter Holiday to visit families and avoid criminal activities

He said officers will also be conducting special operations on the ground such as visiting places of entertainment.

He called for calmness and respect towards officers and said people should allow them to carry out their duties, stating that they are not there to harass or intimidate the public.

The Head of the Crime Prevention Directorate, Commissioner Tylves Kampolo, said that it is all systems go for the Easter Holiday.

“We have reactivated crime prevention operations country-wide to maintain law and order,” he said

Kampolo also encouraged the public to drive safely and stay vigilant during the holidays.

“Watch out for dark corners and do not walk alone at night, especially during these busy times,” he said.

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