In conversation with Hillary Wang

Jordan Sinvula

Hate it or love it, but we are in the era of the brand. Your appearance, how you present and position yourself and your willingness to work hard are the new normal, with people like Hillary Wang making it look like the easiest thing in the world.

This influencer and brand curator has a look that just screams new-age cool kid, with careful consideration gone into every part of him that you see.

But that is the way of the 21st century influencer of course.

Hillary has been vocal in the past about his opinions on the media industry, the ins and outs of working with celebrities and demanding respect as a creative. We spoke to him about the current Namibian entertainment industry and what he feels about the state of affairs.

“Music, fashion event scene has quite improved in the past year, it’s interesting to see how the event scene is being taken serious,”

says Hillary. He is generally known by many as someone who tells it like it is and is not afraid to hold back. It is evident in his bold personality and the way he presents himself at events or on social media.

That’s why he believes some changes can be made.

“We still have a long way to go for the Namibian entertainment and PR scene to be taken seriously but it has come a long way so we are getting somewhere. What is lacking is the work ethic of event organizers and the incorporation of personalities. It also lacks a lot of diversity. So far I am 40% happy with it.”

Hillary has worked with names like Top Cheri and Lioness, and is an influencer for beauty brands, restaurants and hotels. His social media is littered with high concept editorial shoots, fashion inspiration, advice and a glimpse into his seemingly busy life.

He says that consistency aids him in staying afloat in this unpredictable profession.

“Always stay humble and respect your own art,” he offers up as advice. He is brief with his response, but confident in its power. “If you can’t respect your own art, nobody will.”

Hillary is definitely someone who understands the need for work to be taken seriously.

He is always poised and polished, at the right places and events and always mingling with the necessary crowd.

It is hard to catch this man sleeping. He notes that keeping up appearances, while navigating the complex social systems that exist can be challenging.

“Sometimes it gets a bit too much because of the pressure mentally, but if you love it as much as I do, you keep going,” he expresses.

“PR and marketing in entertainment is very interesting in Namibia, besides all the odds I actually love and enjoy it so much.”

Hillary is keeping mum about where one might spot him in the coming months, though he shares that part of his major plans is to focus more on building and cultivating Namibian celebrity culture.



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