Wardrobe essentials every man needs

Nguundja Kandjii

As a fashion writer it is important to me that the men in my life are well dressed and for the most part, they are. Last time we listed male wardrobe must-haves for women, so this week we will look at the men.
I sat down with commercial models and fashion bloggers known as Belly K and Mr Meando, and we talked about their wardrobe essentials.
We rounded up a few items that are foundational to every men’s wardrobe, so if you are a guy who’s looking for a simple guide for a casual yet elevated wardrobe, or you want to spruce up your man’s look, here are 6 items you absolutely need.

1.White leather sneakers
Belly K, who is a marketing manager at Sitwala Men’s fashion says that at top of his list is a pair of leather all white sneakers. “They are a simple way to elevate a casual look and add detail,” he explains.

2. A black or white t-shirt
“It’s versatile and easy to style. It goes well paired with jeans, chinos and even a suit if you are going for a semi casual look,” says Mr Maedo, who emphasizes the need to ensure it fits you perfectly.

3. A pair of basic jeans
According to both models, jeans are a go to item in every situation and nothing beats a good fitting denim.
“It is key to find a fit that is suitable for your body type. A good quality piece of denim can last you several years. I get my good premium quality denim from Sitwala Men, a men’s fashion shop in Maerua Mall in Windhoek.”

4. A well tailored suit
“I believe every gentleman needs a suit for formal events like weddings, graduations, corporate meetings and funerals. People will address you based on how you are dressed, therefore it is essential to have an elegant, well tailored suit.” says Belly K.

5. A watch
According to Mr Maendo, this is a statement piece. “Every man should own a statement watch and wear an everyday watch,” he says, adding that having different colour metals or even material leather are a great way to incorporate detail”.

6. The everyday loafer
This is my personal addition to the list. I firmly believe that thong sandals like Havaianas are for the shower or beach, therefore investing in a pair or everyday loafers is an easy way to look stylish as you run your day to day errands.
So take this as a sign to never wear your thong sandals to town.
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