IPC is not banking on oil discoveries for socio-economic programmes – Itula

Stefanus Nashama

The leader of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), Panduleni Itula says the party if voted into power, is not going to rely on oil discoveries to fund its socio-economic programmes.

Itula said this in an interview with the Windhoek Observer on Thursday where he responded to allegations circulating on social media where he said if voted into power, IPC would have N$600 billion to develop the country.

“IPC is not banking on oil discoveries for its socio-economic programmes”,” he said.

There has been speculation that there is money flowing into the country from Western countries interested in controlling the Namibian emerging oil and gas industry.

Itula denied the allegations saying his party never received N$600 billion from any entity.

“IPC and its leaders never stated having allegedly received N$600 billion from any entity, rather pointed out that potentially, details of which shall be released in our manifesto,” he said.

According to Itula, the party manifesto and programmes cannot be shared or discussed with external entities as a result of external pressures.

“IPC manifesto and programmes are internal to the party and are not in their inception discussed with external entities nor rely on external forces,” he stressed.

However, he stated that IPC will soon release detailed socio-economic plans and keep the public informed.

He said the media continually try to paint IPC as a marionette for their own purposes.

“Media speculations and public speculations at this stage unethically propagate untruths with innuendos based on oil resources discoveries, as yet far from the downstream activities, which will not see the tanks of our vehicles until at least 2035,” Itula.

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