President Mbumba honours 60 years of Tanzanian unity

Niël Terblanché

President Nangolo Mbumba, in a demonstration of Pan-African solidarity, has embarked on a visit to Tanzania to partake in the 60th anniversary celebration of the Union Day.

Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged into the United Republic of Tanzania on 26 April 1964.

Before he departed from Windhoek, President Mbumba, in his message of felicitations, recalled the profound words of Julius Nyerere, reflecting on how they continue to guide Tanzania towards unity, development, and prosperity.

“Today, I will join the fraternal people and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania to commemorate six decades of a successful Union,” Mbumba said while lauding the day as a new beginning of sovereignty and renaissance for Tanzania and an inspiration for African unity.

According to the President, Namibia’s connection with Tanzania is deeply historical and significant.

“During the critical times of the liberation movement against Apartheid colonialism, Tanzania was one of the pioneering countries that supported SWAPO, facilitating training for soldiers and serving as a hub for political organization. The shared struggle has created an indelible bond, rooted in a joint pursuit of liberation, unity, and development,” he said.

The visit also stresses the economic ties between the two nations.

President Mbumba is set to visit Mabibo Beer Wines and Spirits, the exclusive distributor of Windhoek Beer in Tanzania and the engagement celebrates the commercial ties and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The state visit will also serve to revisit and strengthen the robust ties between the two countries that have stood the test of time.

“Our ties remind us of the shared visions and struggles of both nations, now looking towards economic emancipation and addressing continental challenges such as poverty, inequality, and climate change,” the President said in his message.

On behalf of Namibia, President Mbumba extended heartfelt congratulations to Tanzania and expressed the hope that the Union of the United Republic of Tanzania will continue to serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all African nations.

“May our friendship and cooperation endure for generations to come. Happy Union Anniversary to the people and Government of the United Republic of Tanzania!” he said.

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