Is there money in real estate in Namibia?

Malcolm Ndjiharine

Are you the real estate guy? Is there money in real estate? Are you making a lot of money? If I bring you a client, how much will you give me?

These are the questions that get fired at me almost every time I meet with someone who has seen us on Facebook, Instagram or some other social media platform. The most interesting part is that these questions are fired in quick succession without them waiting for me to answer any one question. Can you imagine?

Then there are the more sophisticated and serious guys who ask questions like can I get a house below N$1 million or even below N$700 000? Can us young people afford houses in Windhoek? Why are house prices so expensive in Namibia? If I have my government-housing subsidy, is it enough to buy a house? What is the repo rate? Which bank can help me best to buy a house? And so the list continues.

Well here is the great news, I will address these questions and much more right here on the Real Estate Joint. I will give away FREE tools, methods and information on how to purchase bargains, how to make money in real estate in Namibia, how to calculate costs, how to pay off your house faster, how to use your house as a bank to finance your side hustle and more. So you can’t afford to miss an article of the Real Estate Joint at all.

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