6 Items you need to spruce up your wardrobe

Nguundja Kandjii

Closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? This is a common occurrence as we get into the habit of buying outfits instead of essentials. Today I’ve rounded up 6 timeless items you need in your closet to elevate and spice up your wardrobe.

Leather Jacket

You neeeeed a leather jacket ! Its trendy, hip and timeless all in one breath

There are different variations of this Jacket so purchase according to your personal style. Personally I love a leather coat in tan,it really elevates in the most basic of outfits.Throw it overtop a jean and white tank for a model-off duty look or sass it up with some boots going out with your girls.

Slacks or dress pants

The 90s really inspired this trend and I love how versatile it is. Slacks or better known as formal pants can be styled for work with a cute pair of heels or with sneakers to juxtapose.The primary colors i would suggest are black ,tan and white.


I practically live in loafers or as I like to call them elevated pums. What is currently trending are chunky loafers and these pair well with any outfit. Drawing inspiration from dark academia you can style them with mini skirts and stockings or with flared jeans.Shops like the Fix and Foshini currently have them in stock.

Trench coat

I know what you are thinking…Namibia is a hot country and a trench coat is absolutely unnecessary but hear me out with the recent rainy season the need for trench coat became more apparent in my wardrobe,it was cold but not cold enough for a full on jacket ,this is where a trench coat comes in as they are lightweight but still warm.It can be styled overtop basically any outfit and is available at Todia Thrift.

Straight leg jeans

They are a slightly more relaxed fit than skinny jeans and are extremely stylish and versatile.They can be styled with sneakers,heels ,loafers .Poised have a variety of jean styles available at Studio Nam in Independence Avenue.


Knee high, ankle length or chunky ,you need a pair of boots in your wardrobe.i dont think boots will ever go out of style the especially knee high black boots.If you want to add some color into your closet boots are simple way to do that.I’m currently on the hunt for a perfect pair.

Hopefully these items elevate your style,happy shoping!


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