Just Saying

Matts Haikali

In the ever-evolving landscape of Namibian sports, a refreshing breeze of positivity is blowing, heralding a promising era of growth and professionalism.

Am just saying that the recent interest shown by policymakers in the area of sports is not just commendable but deserves a resounding applause from all quarters.

Am saying for years, voices advocating for the professionalization of sports have echoed across the nation. Now, it appears that these calls are finally being heeded, with signals emanating from the Ministry of Sports, Youth, and National Services indicating a concerted effort towards elevating sports to a professional pedestal.

Am saying the wheels are indeed turning, and there is a palpable drive towards enforcing measures that would propel sports into this coveted space.

Am saying that one cannot understate the significance of capacity building and the provision of resources to support these initiatives.

Accessibility to such resources not only empowers sports but also equips sports administrators with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern sporting landscape.

Am just saying as an avid advocate for skills and competency within the sports sector, witnessing these efforts come to fruition is immensely gratifying.

Am saying, while the development of skills and competency marks a crucial step forward, it is imperative that we concurrently address the legislative framework surrounding sports.

Am just saying that sports should not merely be viewed through the lens of recreation but recognized as a potent economic driver deserving of legislative acknowledgment.

Am just saying that it is disheartening to note that our current labor laws fail to recognize sports as a distinct sector. Therefore, there is an urgent need to rectify this oversight and ensure that sports are duly acknowledged within relevant legislation.

All am saying is that the strides made by the education sector in recognizing the importance of sports serve as a commendable precedent. However, to truly harness the economic potential of sports, it is essential that other sectors, including social security, tourism, finance, urban and rural development, agriculture and the banking sector, follow suit.

Am just saying, creating a conducive environment for the sports sector to thrive requires a multifaceted approach.

All am saying is that it necessitates not only the development of infrastructure and talent but also the implementation of policies that recognize sports as a legitimate industry worthy of investment and support.

Am just saying, the journey towards establishing a robust sports industry in Namibia is contingent upon our collective efforts to enact meaningful change.

Let us seize this opportunity to cultivate a flourishing sports ecosystem that not only enriches the lives of individuals but also contributes to the socioeconomic fabric of our nation.

Am just saying the time for action is now, and with unwavering determination, we can propel Namibian sports to unprecedented heights of success.

Am just saying….

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