When cometh the hour, man for genocide and reparations?

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man” is an old English proverb meaning when a situation demands it, the right person will appear or step forward to deal with it. It suggests that in times of need, the appropriate person will rise to the occasion to address the challenges at hand.

Historically there’s no iota of doubt that the descendants of the Ovaherero, Ovambanderu, and Nama have their hour and man cometh. That is why today we have the proud history of the resistance movement against German Imperialism and Colonialism, which laid the strong and solid foundation for the latter day liberation struggle. And subsequently the edifice of the foundation which is being laid for the Namibian Revolution. A Namibian Revolution which as yet has to be fully consummated and carried to its logical conclusion. A logical conclusion beyond the current Neo—colonial capitalist facade.

In all the preceding historical epochs, you name and enumerate them, indeed various men and women did cometh. Leaving their indelible mark. In the realm of genocide and reparations we have many distinct names. Samuel Maharereros, Kahimuemua Nguvauvas, Hendrik Witboois, Jacob Marengas, Abraham Morrises. The list is inexhaustible. All of who whom without failure left us a rich heritage. That we all today cherish. Hence the essence of the various pilgrims year in and year out. Which historically we culturally religiously been observing. Not just as a matter of cultural and historic posterity but as a means towards an end. This end being ensuring that our rich history shall forever remain engraved and imprinted in an independent Namibia’s history annals. No less so the history of our genocide, which to all intents and purposes, still remains an unopened, non-sequelled and non-serialised and even an untold chapter before it may be closed if ever one day.

Besides pretense by both the Namibian government and its accomplice German counterpart, at being seized with what the two governments have been referring to as “historical responsibility”, it has been transpiring that they have never genuinely been interested in getting Berlin to account for the genocide committed against the Ovaherero and Nama. Instead, all along their parochial respective state interests have been paramount. For Germany that of German-speaking Namibians, and for Namibia, its own bilateral dealings with Germany. With little to do with the genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama. It has been all these years, close to ten years, for the two governments to resolve the matter. With no prospects of ever delivering the descendants from the evil of Imperial Germany’s genocide. For it has never been in their best interests, in terms of their own understanding, and political bilateral agendas, to attend and follow up in all earnest on this historic epoch and to find for and to it the requisite ventila
tion and historical rendition.

That is why is in this hour it is and has been incumbent on none other than the descendants themselves, following in the footsteps of their ancestors, to claim and appropriate their rightful historic mission and responsibility and carry the matter to its logical conclusion.

Emerging just from Swakopmund last long weekend, having rekindled the spirits of the ancestors, there can and could have been none any other defining moment for the descendants to have charted and to continue to chart and map the way forward for genocide and reparations of the Ovaherero and Nama. Because after ten years of diplomatic chicaneries and shenanigans, marked by flagrant and outright disdain, disregard and political pretensions and opportunism, all intent on derailing the cause of genocide ad reparations, there can and could have been be no more clearer writings on the walls. Other than the ones that have already been there all along since the advent of the Ovaherero and Nama genocide movement, a good 20 years since its centenary commemoration in 2004.

Given many obvious and deliberate devious plans to derail the cause, for the descendants the message is loud and clear. They must not, should not , cannot nor shall they continue to further entertain empty, meaningless and opportunistic posturing. Conscious and conscientious indeed that Africa through the African Union (AU), has, and is embracing the cause of the reparations of the African people and people of African descent. Including indeed that of the Ovaherero and Nama. Having adopted and embraced 2025 as the Year of African Reparations. Namibian descendants, having already put their genocide on the global agenda, must lead and not follow.

The Genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama is just not and cannot simply be a bilateral matter between Namibia and its former colonial master, Germany. It is a global matter in terms of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. One would have thought this would be the defining message from Swakomund over the weekend. From whence descendants would have emerged with imbued spirits and enlightened foresight to carry forward with vigour the historic mission of their ancestors. Because more than at any time now is time that the cause calls for renewal. None can give it the requisite renewal and proper direction than the descendants themselves. Because for long dubious elements have been pretending to drive the process only to reveal their misguided and ill-intended ulterior and self-serving motives as they have been proven.

This calls for a bold drive forwards by the descendants. They must and should no longer allow themselves to be dictated to and misguided. Let alone by their Namibian government nor by the German government. But must own and define the cause. Because they owe it to themselves and their ancestors. Understandably some leaders are waiting for an audience with President Nangolo Mbumba. His Excellency is not new to this realm having been in charge of overseeing the negotiations all along as Vice President. Thus, there is nothing new that he can really bring to the table. As much there is nothing new these leaders can make him wise about their vision for this cause. Having privileged him time and again with their unequivocal and categorical position on this matter. Thus, until and when these eminent leaders may once again have an opportunity to basically preach the known gospel to President Mbumba, the gospel truth remains. The genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama is and remains a sacred trust which cannot and that th
e descendants shall never allow to be taken for granted by would be politicians and political pretenders of whatever political hue and persuasion. Most of whom hitherto have failed them BIG TIME!!! This remains the message that should also have reverberated in Swakopmund. OVAHERERO AND NAMA GENOCIDE AND REPARATIONS REMAINS AN UNFINISHED BUSINESS! Not to be traded for anything!!!! Neither do these leaders have any secret agenda to share with His Excellency. Other than that the JD belongs into the dustbin of history of the Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama quest for reparatory justice.

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