Just Saying

Am just saying that, last week, I had the honor of participating in a gathering organized by the Namibia Sport Commission, where I shared the stage with a prominent figure in Namibian sport governance.

Am just saying that the event was organized to shed light on the state of governance frameworks and corporate governance in sports, drawing together various members of the sports fraternity, including leaders and managers from federations and umbrella bodies.

Am saying, from the outset, I was impressed by the turnout and the sense of camaraderie among the sports federations. It was clear that there is a collective recognition of the need for our sports to transition into a more professional realm.

Am just saying, it also became apparent that there is work to be done in familiarizing ourselves with the legal frameworks necessary to facilitate this transition.

Am just saying that in my observation, sports administrators often prioritize the activities of athletes on the field of play, sometimes overlooking the importance of understanding and adhering to existing documents and frameworks crucial for the advancement of our sports. This gathering served as a timely reminder of the need to bridge this gap.

Am saying, the initiative to bring together leaders and managers within the sports fraternity was not only commendable but also essential. It provided a platform for stakeholders to gain a clearer understanding of the requirements for taking sports to the next level.

Am saying that the presentations delivered during the gathering offered valuable insights into the timelines required for securing funding from the central government and provided explanations of the Sports Act, along with ongoing efforts to enhance sporting infrastructure.

As an onlooker, I believe that such information should be shared regularly, if not annually, to ensure that all stakeholders remain informed and aligned with the goals of advancing our sports sector.

Am just saying it is my hope that the Namibia Sport Commission will continue to engage with federations and umbrella bodies, fostering collaboration and driving progress in sports governance.

All am saying is that strengthening sports governance is a crucial step towards achieving professionalism in Namibian sports. By fostering greater understanding and collaboration among stakeholders, we can create a solid foundation for the growth and development of our sports sector.

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