Walvis Bay schools shut while water supply is restored

Niël Terblanché

Several schools in Walvis Bay will remain shut today due to a widespread disruption in the town’s water supply, following a mechanical failure at the central pump station.

The affected institutions include Tutaleni High and Primary Schools, !Nara Primary School, High Hope Primary School, Seaside Primary School, Immanuel Ruiters Primary School, and both the secondary and primary schools in Kuisebmond, as well as the Duinesig High School. Parents have been notified that classes will resume once the necessary repairs are completed.

The outage, which is expected to last from 08:00 to 17:00 on Friday, has impacted various parts of the harbour town, including Kuisebmond, Narraville, Sun Valley, and the industrial area in Extension 12.

Residents have been urged to conserve water and make arrangements to mitigate the impact of the day-long disruption.

Compounding the frustration among the townspeople is the ongoing controversy surrounding the role of Red Force, a debt collection agency contracted by the Walvis Bay Municipality.

Red Force has been under fire from residents since its methods of collecting approximately N$348 million in unpaid municipal services came to light.

Social media has been abuzz with blame cast towards Red Force for exacerbating the current crisis, a claim the agency has not yet responded to.

The mounting dissatisfaction culminated in a recent community meeting where Councillor Ephraim Shozi announced his intention to propose a motion to end Red Force’s contract.

Supported by fellow councillors Ryan Gordon, Albertina Nkoshi, Paulus Kauhondamwa, and Ronald Bramwell, Shozi’s proposal aims to address the grievances expressed by the community.

Bramwell stressed that the council was unaware of the decision to appoint Red Force as the town’s debt collector, which has led to increased tensions among the residents.

The water supply interruption caused residents to continue to express their discontent, having previously marched to the municipality demanding an end to Red Force’s involvement.

The disgruntled residents in their petition cited increased debts and service disconnections that have placed additional strain on them.

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