Just Saying with Matts Haikali

Am just saying that as the first month of 2024 draws to a close, it feels as though half the year has passed, given the whirlwind of activities unfolding in the realm of sports.

Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Football, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Netball – all these sports have set an elevated standard, particularly in terms of leadership. This surge of activity has ignited a spark of hope, suggesting that 2024 may very well be a turning point for sports in Namibia.

Am just saying, for far too long, the lamentation of a lackluster approach by sports leaders towards transforming sports into an economic driver has echoed. The persistent call for change, however, seems to be gaining traction, and it is crucial to acknowledge and thank those who tirelessly champion the cause of sports development.

Am just saying that the resounding truth of the ‘you reap what you sow’ narrative applies acutely to the world of sports. It is inconsistent to desire the elevation of our sports to new heights while still operating in a mode reminiscent of amateurism.

Am just saying the time has come for a paradigm shift, where sports adopts the NAMCODE for corporate governance at every level – be it an academy, a club, a regional federation, or a national umbrella body.

Am just saying, this is not just a suggestion; it is a resounding call to action.

Am just saying, for those unfamiliar with the NAMCODE and its implications, institutions such as Triumphant College, ASOS, NUST, and others are offering sports management courses to bridge the knowledge gaps that have persisted over the years.

Am saying, Education is key to progress, and embracing the principles of good governance is imperative for the holistic development of sports.

Am just saying, crucially, international federations stand ready to support initiatives that enhance capacity in Namibia across various areas within the sporting sphere – from facility maintenance to marketing and good governance.

Am just saying, let 2024 be the year that Namibian sports ascends not only on the podium but also on the administrative front.

Am saying the time for change is now, and it is incumbent upon all stakeholders within the sports community to commit to a new era of professionalism and strategic governance.

Am saying. by adopting the principles of NAMCODE and leveraging international support, Namibian sports can forge a path towards sustainable success, realizing its potential as a true economic driver.

Am just saying, let us make 2024 the year where the landscape of Namibian sports is not only transformed in the arenas but also in the boardrooms and administrative offices, setting a benchmark for excellence that resonates for years to come.

Am just saying….

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