Just Saying with Matts Haikali

Am just saying

The recent announcement of a budgetary increase in the sport ministry budget is a welcome development that brings a glimmer of hope to the sporting community in our nation. Am just saying, for years, the sports sector has been neglected, with glaring disparities and challenges that demand urgent attention. However, the increase in budget allocation signifies a potential shift in the administration of sports and holds the promise of addressing long-standing issues within the sector.

Am just saying, one of the most promising aspects of this budgetary increase is the acknowledgment of the need for a revamped sports reward policy. It is high time that athletes who sweat, shed tears, and bleed to represent Namibia on the international stage receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Am just saying, by allocating resources for sports development and earmarking funds for events such as the region 5 games, there is a clear indication that efforts are being made to reward excellence in sports performance.

Am just saying, the sports policy has long been criticized as the Achilles’ heel of the sports sector, primarily due to its failure to recognize the contributions of athletes, coaches and administrators.

Am just saying, with the proposed changes, there is optimism that this policy may become a thing of the past. It is imperative that athletes sign agreements with the sports commission or the ministry of sports outlining the rewards they will receive upon their return with a haul of medals.

All am saying is that such agreements can serve as a motivating factor for athletes who dedicate their lives to qualifying for and excelling in international competitions, representing the country.

Am just saying, it is crucial for federations to play a leading role in the nomination of their best coaches and athletes to represent their respective codes. Too often, officials bypass federations when selecting representatives for international and regional competitions, undermining the federation’s authority and expertise in identifying talent.

Am just saying, by empowering federations to nominate their top performers, we can ensure a fair and transparent selection process that rewards merit and hard work.

All am saying is that the implementation of the sports reward policy will not only provide much-needed recognition to athletes but also enhance the credibility of our annual sports awards.

Athletes and coaches who have dedicated themselves to their sport should not be questioned about their credentials when receiving accolades for their achievements.

Am just saying, while there is still much work to be done to address the challenges facing the sports sector, the budget increase in the sport ministry offers a glimmer of hope for positive change. By prioritizing sports development, implementing a fair and transparent reward policy, and empowering federations, we can pave the way for a brighter future for sports in Namibia.

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