Celebrating 40 Years of Volleyball Excellence with the DOC Tournament

In a celebration of four decades of volleyball, the Namibia Volleyball Federation (NVF) is gearing up to host the 40th anniversary of the esteemed DOC Tournament. Scheduled to take place at the MTC Dome in Swakopmund on March 30th and 31st, 2024, this event marks a pivotal milestone in Namibian volleyball history.

Named in honor of Dr. Juergen Munz, affectionately known as Doc, a distinguished dentist and pioneer of Namibian volleyball during the 1970s and 1980s, the DOC Tournament holds a special place as a historical cornerstone in the country’s sporting landscape.

Bank Windhoek, the principal sponsor for the past nine years, alongside various sponsors such as SWAC & Foods, Venus Enterprises, Solar Age, Mr. John Savva, OTB Sports, Calvary Technologies, the Namibian Marshall Ranger, Light System Namibia, and the MTC Dome, have joined forces to support this prestigious event.

Originating in 1983 under the erstwhile South West Africa Volleyball Association (SWAVA), the DOC Tournament remains an open competition, welcoming any team to register. Notably, only DTS and Revivals Volleyball clubs have sustained active participation since the 1980s, showcasing their enduring commitment to the sport.

This tournament underscores the NVF’s unwavering dedication to advancing volleyball excellence in Namibia. The 40th anniversary edition promises to be a landmark event, featuring teams of both genders from across Namibia in a series of matches culminating in an epic final to determine the champions.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone in the history of Namibian volleyball. The DOC tournament has been instrumental in shaping the volleyball landscape in Namibia, and we look forward to continuing its legacy for many years to come,” said NVF President Hillary Dux Imbuwa.

While past editions welcomed international teams, logistical concerns have led to the exclusion of foreign teams this year. However, the NVF remains optimistic about resuming international participation in the next edition, pending favorable conditions.

The 40th anniversary celebration, originally planned for 2023, was rescheduled to 2024 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the cancellation of the tournament. Nevertheless, the NVF extends an invitation to all volleyball enthusiasts and supporters to join in commemorating this momentous occasion.

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