Lack of fuel hampers Police patrol in Terrace Bay

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Police officers in Terrace Bay are sometimes unable to patrol along the sea due to a fuel shortage in the town, which can last for a week.

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics and Public Administration revealed this in its report on the oversight visits to the Skeleton Coast in Erongo and Kunene regions.

The report stated that the police barracks where officers are accommodated had broken windows due to strong winds and a dilapidated roof. There is a lack of hot water, and officials are forced to use cold water despite the weather conditions in the town being cold most of the time because the solar geyser is broken.

“The station and barracks have no electricity; they get electrical supply from NWR. Lack of Wi-Fi and fax for communication purposes. Lack of adequate accommodation facilities for the officials, the Police Commander is being accommodated with junior officials due to the lack or insufficient accommodation.

Police officers from Terrace Bay are required to travel to Opuwo in Kunene region on a monthly basis, which is about 600 Km to 700 Km, to renew trip authority for the vehicles and also for other official duties, but they are not paid substance and traveling allowance (DSA), while officials from Opuwo are paid DSA when traveling to Terrace Bay on official mission,” said the report.

It is further revealed that officials normally encounter tyre problems because they travel to Opuwo monthly to renew their trip authority, and no promotion is taking place. Some Officers have been constables for ten years without promotion, and officials are transferred randomly without consent.

“The office has a worn-out Namibian flag. Its structure is not fit for the type of weather at Terrace Bay. The old police barrack has dilapidated chairs, the cover for the ablution facility is broken, and the dining table is not in good condition,” reveals the report.

The report indicated that Terrace Bay Clinic, which falls under the Khorixas district, has a staff shortage. There is only one nurse who is responsible for all the services, namely general illness, Vaccination, pregnancies, and so on.

“The nurse works 24 hours and is only relieved when on sick leave or vacation leave. Due to the lack of budget the Clinic is not fenced off.

Members were informed that there is a lack of accommodation for staff; there is only one house with two rooms, and if more staff members are employed at the Clinic, there will be no accommodation for them. The Clinic does not have water and electricity and they are assisted by NWR,” states the report.

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