Mbumba tells new NDF recruits to be ready to maintain peace during elections

Julia Heita

President Nangolo Mbumba, said he expects the new Namibian Defence Force (NDF) members to be ready to maintain peace and order during this year’s upcoming elections.

Mbumba was speaking during the graduation parade and commissioning ceremony of the 10th regular commissioning course at the 261 motorised infantry battalion on 18 April 2024 at Rundu in the Kavango-east region.

He told the graduates that they would continue to protect and preserve Namibia’s hard-won freedom and peace.

Emphasising that people may try to seize the cover of election campaigns to engage in nefarious and criminal activities.

“There are some few elements that may try and seize the moment of political campaigning to sow the seeds of division by fomenting violence and civil unrest. For that reason, together with the Namibian Police be at high alert to enforce peace, stability and order,” he ordered.

He encouraged the soldiers to swiftly and without hesitation remind those who harbour divisive ideologies that they have no place in the Namibian House.

“Let us remind those who think they can disturb the Namibian people that our peace is here to stay. Our peace is priceless because it was earned through the ultimate sacrifices made by our heroes and heroines, whose blood waters our freedom,” urged Mbumba.

The President has also praised the team for being the first Officer Cadets recruited directly upon completing their secondary school education.

He said this is a first for the NDF and a sign that Namibians are keen to continue developing the quality of men and women in uniform so that they are on par with other Defence Forces in the region and further afield.

“Therefore, this is a significant development that buttresses our efforts to build a modern and well-equipped NDF”.

Mbumba explained to the cadets that they are expected to exemplify the commitment, patriotism and discipline which define the ethos of NDF.

Adding that they are expected to maintain order, discipline and obedience amongst their ranks.

“You are expected to display prompt and willing responsiveness to the demands placed upon you and your peers.” Encouraged the President.

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