Leaders told to stop personal squabbles

Martin Endjala

The government has called on leaders in the Ohangwena Region to stop their personal squabbles and to attend to service delivery issues.

The conflicts have led to unhappiness among the communities and loss of trust in the leadership.

The Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Natalia Goagoses asked how leadership can be provided if the leaders do not speak to each other.

“How do you want to provide leadership to us, if you as regional, local authorities and traditional leaders do not talk at all on matters of national and regional concern.” said Goagoses.

She further pointed out that the time spend on squabbles, quarrels and conflicts, hamper them from executing their mandated duties, which is to provide the much needed services to the people.

The Deputy Minister urged the leaderships to be guided by a good conscience and set their differences aside to do what they have be elected for adding that boycotting meetings and petitioning the ministry is not a good illustration of leadership.

She further said that some leaders were lobbying for their favourites to be elected into positions.
The deputy minister advised that such practices do not demonstrate good leadership qualities at all, adding that these contribute to conflicts among the leaders.

She continued to say that the delivery of services to the people outweigh any personal leaderships ambitions.

The ministry is on a mission to engage leadership at different levels to strengthen relationships between councillors and administrators as sub-national levels.

The dialogue is also aimed to speak to good governance aspects of change.

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