Lioness finds closure with new song

Here to work through some recent heartache, Namibian rapper and singer Lioness has dropped a new album this week. She is switching things up from her usual rap-focused sound with something a little more melodic on Wish You Were Here from the album of the same name.

As the track unfolds, on her smash hit video filmed in Cape Town, it becomes clear this is about more than the beautiful South African setting.

“I wrote Wish You Were Here when I was infatuated with my ex-partner,” Lioness told Complex via email. “It was a long-distance relationship where I felt very insecure about my position in his life. He had so many women who would drool over him. He had a bad history, and I thought I could be that safe haven and rehabilitation for him. My love was too advanced for him.”

Fortunately for us fans, she was able to channel that heartache into something productive. They don’t love you like I do, that’s true, she sings on the hook, tinting her sweet melodies with a tinge of sadness as she works to achieve closure on her heartbreak through her art. –

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