LPM petitions against CPBN

Martin Endjala

The Landless Peoples Movement have submitted a petition calling on the Central Procurement Board of Namibia to submit solutions on accountability, fairness and inclusion for all, in the interest of all citizens.

The petition was handed over today by LPM former Windhoek Mayor Sade Gawanas who said that “as the citizens of the Republic of Namibia and the members of the people’s movement and as undersigned eligible voters of Namibia in accordance with the constitution of this country. Petition for the procurement board of Namibia, to submit the following solutions in the interest of accountability, fairness and inclusion for all”.

She also called on the Board to adhere to principles and ethics and to restore public trust and confidence in executing processes. She narrated their dissatisfaction and frustrations regarding the N$2.8 billion tenders of medical supplies.

Gawanas emphasised that the tender was awarded unabatedly with bias, as well as alleging that it was given to economic elites and politically connected persons.

Hence, her argument is that they undervalue the ability of the procurement board in terms of theories of the government laws governing the procurement of services. She further said that they have observed and are arguing the practicality and dysfunctionality of the rule of law.

Lamenting that there is a clear contradiction between the theory and practice, as the theory system the CPBN in its defence looks palatable since all the instruments and indicators to take a decision or to evaluate the process, is made somewhat dysfunctional due to practical challenges.

“We will assume that you understand your mandate as constituted by the law, we will also assume that you understand that you have failed, in the practice to promote integrity, transparency competitive supply, effectiveness, efficiency, fair dealing, value for money, responsiveness consistency, legality, and integration of performance”, said Gawanas.

Moreover, she stressed that the collection or hiring of anything and the acquisition of granting of rights for all, are some of the basis they are judging the CPBN’s ability to make the correct decisions that will benefit the economy and those who are most vulnerable in society and to explore the struggles to move Namibia, to the levels of the middle class who can contribute to its development.

On the other hand, the CPBN Acting Chairperson Amon Ngavetene accepted the petition calling on calmness and patience from the petitioners and the public, as they continue to look into the issues raised and they will announce themselves at the given time.

“We have attentively listened to your petition, we are not only hearing words, but we internalizing the meaning to it, please be assured that we will, by all means, give meaning to the values that define us as a nation and as a country. Give us the time and please have hope in us. Thank you”, assured Ngavetene.

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