LPM youth league to protest against GBV at Rehoboth

Martin Endjala

The Landless People’s Movement Youth League will be staging a demonstration to call out the Police in their ability to reduce Gender-Based Violence in the country.

The demonstration is calling for the arrest of the culprits involved in the gruesome murder of 28-year-old Charmaine Saron who was killed Thursday night.

Speaking to Windhoek Observer today, LPM Youth League leader Duminga Ndala, expressed her sorrow saying to date the country still continues recording the horrible and inhuman cases of GBV.

The suspects in the gruesome murder of Saron are not yet known and that it has become a norm to many Namibians that GBV cases are often not solved and many families never get closure of knowing that the culprits have been arrested.

Ndala said this referencing past cases that are still not solved, adding that it is high time that the police doubled up their efforts in not just investigating but ensuring that GBV is eliminated.

Ndala said that those committing these heinous crimes must be arrested and brought to book, adding that the Police have a poor record in solving GBV cases.

She also wants those who commit these crimes and are arrested and sentenced to be rehabilitated not to fall foul of the same crimes when they are released from custody.

“I have realized that those who were once arrested have not fully repent, therefore, we need to train and teach them that girls and women’s body is not their property or a punching bags”, Ndala
The demonstration will take place on Friday.

Ndala, is calling on all Rehoboth residents and those in close proximity to come and show their solidarity, pointing out that it is not a political demonstration but a social one that speaks to the core of every Namibian on GBV issues.

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