Mamuno one-stop border post to streamline trade and travel

Niël Terblanché

A development aimed at facilitating trade and easing the movement of people between Namibia and Botswana, the construction of the Mamuno one-stop border post on the TransKalahari corridor is on track for completion in May.

According to Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze, the Chief of Strategic Communications and Support Engagements executive at the Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA), the initiative promises to revolutionize border control operations, significantly reducing congestion and waiting times.

He said the project, rooted in a bilateral agreement between Namibia and Botswana, demonstrates the two nations’ collaborative spirit and shared vision.

The agreement was finalized during the first Bi-National Commission (BNC) session held from 5 to 9 September 2022 and sets the stage for a more integrated and efficient border management system.

Ndorokaze said the new one-stop border post at Mamuno is expected to streamline procedures and boost economic activities by facilitating smoother trade flows.

“This one-stop border post is designed to alleviate congestion, reduce waiting times, and enhance the smooth movement of goods and people across our borders,” he stated.

Ndorokaze emphasized the project’s alignment with the bilateral agreement between Namibia and Botswana, stressing its role in fostering closer ties and improving bilateral trade.

Ndorokaze called for patience, understanding, and caution among stakeholders, during the construction phase of the border post.

He indicated that the completion of the new border post facilities is keenly awaited by traders, travellers, and the communities on both sides of the border, who are set to benefit from the improved border management system.

The Mamuno one-stop border post will signify progress and cooperation in the SADC region and promises to make cross-border travel and trade more efficient and less time-consuming.

Ndorokaze said that the initiative will not only enhance the relationship between Namibia and Botswana but also set a benchmark for border management practices in the region that will lead to similar developments at other border crossings.

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